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Quik Shoppe™, a division of Spivey Enterprises, Inc. is a growing company and a large part of the reason  for our growth is due to the efforts, fine performance and dependability of our employees. If you decide to join our company, you will have the opportunity to grow with us.

As an employee you are expected to work diligently and keep the interest of the company in mind at all times.  Our policy is to deal with our employees fairly and honestly, and we would expect the same from you.  We recognize and respect each employee as an individual with personal ambitions and goals.  In order for you to grow along with us, we would expect you to share the ambitions, problems, successes and rewards of Quik Shoppe, and by both of us working together could make our company a great place to work.

A Career Beginning

Your career with Quik Shoppe would begin with a training program designed to prepare you to assume the responsibility of a Store Manager.  Although the program is flexible, and adaptable to your needs and previous experience, it will be important for you to learn the policies and procedures, since Quik Shoppe does not always follow its competitors.

Very soon after joining Quik Shoppe you will begin to experience on-the-job situations that will require you to make decisions, just as if you ere running your own business.  You will participate in group meetings and have the opportunity to express yourself as well.

Your management at Quik Shoppe realizes that everyone learns at a different pace.  Your opportunity for an increase in responsibility and earnings will depend upon how quickly you can master each new assignment.

What is Expected of a Quik Shoppe Employee

Once you have joined Quik Shoppe, your continued success and the success of Quik Shoppe will depend entirely on how well you serve your customers.  It is important that you always act in a courteous, helpful, and friendly manner in dealing with your customer.

This same approach should naturally extend to your fellow employees as well.  History has proven that those stores that operate the most profitably and with the highest degree of professionalism, are those whose employees maintain a cooperative and competitive spirit with on another.  Another crucial relationship is the one between you and your supervisor.  He or she will undoubtedly have substantial Retail store experience behind them.  An open rapport with your supervisor will help you learn your job faster.

Importance of Customer Service

Our Retail food stores sell the identical products that most supermarkets, drug stores, and variety stores have to offer. The primary reasons for shopping Quik Shoppe Food Stores is the extended hours of operation and the personalized service that you can give your customer.

If you sincerely like people and have a pleasant personality, the sales volume is practically unlimited.  However, the reverse is true if you do not enjoy meeting the public.  In fact, a person should never consider employment in a retail food store, and more particularly with Quik Shoppe, if they do not have a pleasant word and a pleasing smile for the customer.

Customers are your Job


Always remember that in your customers eyes your are Quik Shoppe. You are the first and last contact with the customer.  You represent the company.  Your actions and attitude toward them can bring them back time after  time, or it can quickly turn them away.  If just once we fail to serve them well they may leave and never return.  You have everything to gain by being courteous.

The customer is "Always Right" regarding bad merchandise, quality of service, or errors.  All employees should be courteous and helpful and apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused. 

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